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Give us a call at 1-888-724-1798, we want to help you solve your process troubleshooting problems.

At TowerScan, we focus on being the best supplier of gamma scanning services in the industry.  We only do a few things, but we do them very well.

Our personnel have been working in the industry since 1989, and over the years have developed many technical innovations.  We have performed thousands of jobs across the U.S., Canada, and around the world.

TowerScan's process diagnostic services are fast, safe, and economical.  We service the refining, petrochemical, gas processing, oil & gas production, pulp & paper, and pipeline industries. 

We help our customers come up with the solutions that:

Increase product yield, throughput, and profit

Avoid unnecessary shutdowns

Plan for turnarounds, minimizing downtime



We offer a complete range of process diagnostic services including:

Gamma scans on distillation columns

Neutron backscatter level / interface measurements on process equipment

Pipe scanning to locate blockages and the buildup of deposits in process lines

And all that’s required to get started is: 

an understanding by us of your problem, and what you want to accomplish with the scan(s).

column drawings showing tower height, diameter, shell thickness, as well as tray elevations and downcomer orientations, or for packed towers – bed / distributor elevations and packing density.

access to the top of your operating column.

a safe work permit.


A “TowerScan” quickly & safely determines:

the location of damaged or missing trays

the location, nature, and extent of flooding

the severity and extent of operating problems such as entrainment, foaming, and weeping

the aerated liquid froth level on the tray decks

a relative density profile of the aerated liquid on, and vapor above the trays

the base liquid level in the tower

the integrity of distributors and demister pads

the integrity of packing and catalyst beds

flooding and / or fouling within your packed beds

liquid flow maldistributions within packing.   

Data retrieval from archived reports, generated by old or former suppliers:

Has your former gamma scanning service supplier gone out of business

Would you like to change your gamma scanning vendor, but feel restricted to using the same old supplier you always have because they have the existing scan data on your process equipment ?


TowerScan's proprietary data retrieval software can recover data from existing gamma scan graphs in any format, allowing you to overlay and compare previous tower profiles with new profiles generated by TowerScan.  All that is required from you as a client is to supply us with the old scan(s) either in paper or electronic format, and we'll be happy to do the rest.


Toll Free    U.S.A. &  Canada (888) 724 - 1798   Email: 

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