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Level & Interface Measurements

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TowerScan offers quick, safe, and accurate level measurements and material interface characterization. The technology known as the “neutron backscatter” technique is based on measuring the bulk hydrogen density of a material.  Some common applications which utilize this technology are:


the calibration of level gauges

measuring levels inside storage tanks, heat exchangers, tanker trucks, reactors, pipes, and separators 

identifying vapor / water / hydrocarbon interfaces 

the presence of ice or polymer build-ups in process lines, or sand/solids in separators. 

the liquid level in the downcomers and draw pans of distillation columns

The possible applications however are not limited to the above list, give our engineering staff a call, we are experts at coming up with innovative solutions to your process related problems.

As opposed to techniques such as gamma scanning and pipe scanning (see below) which are measuring radiation transmission through a vessel, level and interface measurement using neutrons is a “backscatter” technique.  High energy neutrons are emitted from the source in the detector head and upon colliding with hydrogen atoms, are scattered back as low energy thermal neutrons which are then counted by the detector.  The practical result of this is that it has an effective range of 4” to 6” in from the vessel exterior. 

Call TowerScan today, and let us help you solve your level and interface measurement challenges. 


Toll Free    U.S.A. &  Canada (888) 724 - 1798   Email: 

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