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Retrieve Data from Existing Gamma Scans


Has your former scanning supplier gone out of business?  Would you like to change your gamma scanning vendor, but feel restricted to using the same old supplier you always have because they have the existing scan data on your process equipment?

TowerScan's proprietary data retrieval software can recover data from existing scan graphs in any format, allowing you to overlay and compare previous tower profiles with new profiles generated by TowerScan.  All that is required from you as a client is to supply us with the old scan(s) either in paper or electronic format, and we'll be happy to do the rest.

The following figures illustrate an example of data recovery.

The client wanted to incorporate some historical data from the mid 1990's into a current study being conducted on their tower (Figure 1D). 

As part of the current de-bottlenecking efforts, scans were performed on the tray active area (red), as well as each of the east (green) and west (blue) downcomers.

The historical data the customer had on file (red plot to the left) was then digitized using TowerScan's custom software, and included with the current data (gold plot)

TowerScan's software is capable of handling old data of any format - paper or electronic graphs, relative density or logarithmic count plots.

Please feel free to contact us at (888) 724 - 1798 or by email at if you have any questions either about TowerScan's services, data recovery, or anything else we that we could help you with.


Toll Free    U.S.A. &  Canada (888) 724 - 1798   Email: 

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